Mom in the Eastern Arctic

Thank-you Mom for a fantastic visit we won't soon forget!


Goodbye Vieno

Some pictures from our last boating trip with Vieno. We will miss you, beautiful boat! We sold her two days after returning to town in preparation for our next life adventures. Fantastic trip, good friends, lots of fish! Also stormy weather and a variety of other events. Here are some pictures to share the memories.


Boat camping at Qikiqtaluk

Boating with Devin, Kendra, Donald and Meeka at Qikiqtaluk and a further visit at Iqirasa, about a 110 km drive from Pang. Fishing was good, we caught a bunch and so did the others. A dead boat battery caused some headache at Iqirasa but luckily somebody had booster cables and we were able to start our engine. Then at camp I cut deep into my finger with a filleting knife - a great chance to practise First Aid. Some steristrips, sports tape and gauze pads go a long way. Sea water is very bad for wounds and can cause what's called a "seal finger" - a very infected cut on a finger. I did not get that. Cleaning with fresh water is key, preferable pressure-injected into the wound.

Live and learn.

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