The dog team

For this winter, Delia acquired a sled dog team of three dogs. These are all retired dogs from Iqaluit dog teams. Nuvuja is a female and will be the lead dog, the two others, Gobi and Gibson are brothers. The dogs arrived trained and socialized, a perfect way to start dog teaming.

Today Delia took them out for her first run of the winter, and the first one of her life. It went as expected: there were some hiccups but otherwise things went ok. No runaway dogs, no concussed drivers. An exhilarating experience.

I was watching them go, go and go. And go. Eventually I caught up with them by snowmachine to suggest they turn around before the dogs get too tired, being a bit fat and out of shape after the summer. At this point Delia tells me that the lead dog does not seem to know how to turn around.

This is a dream come true for Delia and something she has been talking about for years. It's going to make for some fantastic trips, good laughs and excellent photo opportunities.

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