The drones - they cometh

Quadcopter Indoor Flying from MASI on Vimeo.

Indoor flying fun with a DIY 450-size quadcopter, a cheap two-axis gimbal and GoPro 3. This was my first test of the gimbal and GoPro combination. Pretty happy with it. Music: Bonobo / Gypsy


Skiing in Roger's Pass, February 2015

A skiing video we produced from Feb 1-2, 2015. We toured on NRC Gullies (day 1) and McGill Shoulder (day 2) in Roger's Pass, Glacier National Park, BC. We were joined by our friends Tapio and Leena who were honeymooning in Western Canada. Enjoy!


Floe Edge

A trip to the floe edge a few weeks ago. The ice was still strong for a worry-free ride; now it's starting to break around the floe edge. Turbot fishermen are starting to move their cabins away from the area. We saw quite a few polar bear tracks but non appeared in person. Sat right on the edge of the ice, we enjoyed a cuppa chai while I fiddled with my GoPro. Below is a video edit from the trip.

Floe Edge, April 2014 from MASI on Vimeo.

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