First ride of the season.

A few weeks ago I went out with Mike on my first snowmachine ride of the season. The period of daylight is getting shorter and shorter, but we had fun out there for a few hours in the new snow. It's so great to have snow in November.
House Rock


Weekend in Pang

Markus and I decided to do some snowmachine exploring on Saturday. We have been almost exclusively skiing this winter and wanted to do some driving for the pure fun of it. Given the group that joined in apparently it was a good idea!

Sunday we had a picnic with Nicole, Mike and Abigail, a first for the little one. It was a very good weekend.


Skidooing at Angiuqqaaq

Last Saturday we wanted to take the skidoos for a drive. We usually drive to fishing lakes and back, with qamotiqs and lots of gear, but now we just wanted to go rip around without loads.

This winter we have prioritized other activities over fishing. There's nothing wrong with fishing, but the point is to do stuff that we haven't been doing that much in the previous winters. The winter is too short! You simply can't do everything. You have to choose, and some things will have to lose.

I wish every year had twelve months of April at around -15 C. I would be highly satisfied.

For the trip, we planned a route that went to Tea Rock and then to Muskox Rock (a rock that looks like a muskox chased by a polar bear), head further along that valley and turn back up towards Mount Angiuqqaaq along a valley that takes you to a saddle overlooking the mountain. Then tour around the mountain, then head back home.

Our planned route worked quite well. Additionally, we had the pleasure of being accompanied by six other people. We found soft snow (a rarity around here), skate-park-like fantastic gorges with lots of snow to play around in, and it was sunny. Fantastic. Maybe the best skidoo ride I've ever done around Pang.

Sometimes the terrain got a little technical. Three separate people rolled their skidoos on the trip. No harm done, though.

We are planning another skidoo trip for next weekend, sneaking behind Qayaq Peak. It will be a nice little challenge.

Jerr after rolling his skidoo:

John and Amy:


Glacier on Angiuqqaaq (looks pretty good for skiing):

Devin and Jerr:

Close to the peak of the mountain, a little pose. Kingnait Fiord in the background.

John and his new Summit:

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