Floe Edge

A trip to the floe edge a few weeks ago. The ice was still strong for a worry-free ride; now it's starting to break around the floe edge. Turbot fishermen are starting to move their cabins away from the area. We saw quite a few polar bear tracks but non appeared in person. Sat right on the edge of the ice, we enjoyed a cuppa chai while I fiddled with my GoPro. Below is a video edit from the trip.

Floe Edge, April 2014 from MASI on Vimeo.


In search of snow

Yesterday we drove over to Boss Mountain to check out the possibility of skiing the glacier. As we suspected, the conditions were poor: there is little snow, most of it hard, and if it's soft, then there's no base underneath.

We drove to within a kilometer from the glacier, our favourite skiing spot. With the other skidoo out of order (had to tow it home last weekend), we were doubling up on one machine with the qamotiq in tow. It got too technical in the end for this combination and we turned around before reaching the destination. It just wasn't worth it. Too rocky to force the skidoo through it. If both had had our own machines and no qamotiq, then it would have probably been a different story. But even then, the glacier might have had rock-hard snow over it.

We had tea, enjoyed the moment, and went home. Good day to be out in any case.

Here are a few snapshots from the trip.


Mike's Spike

A skidoo trip to Mike's Spike, a conspicous peak on the left side of Pangnirtung pass:

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