An unlikely good ski.

In the first week of May we found ourselves faced with the last available weekend for a downhill ski. The snow conditions were deteriorating rapidly and so had the weather of late. Sunday morning Markus woke determined, as always. We were going for a ski and we were going to enjoy it! The last one of the season.

The weather was, well, rather miserable I have to say. I always have a difficult time admitting miserable weather because Markus is always so keen and I find it difficult to determine what exactly is a bad weather day when he's smiling so much. We drove the snowmachine into the hills behind our home just enough to have a decent start to the ski. When we were strapping on our skis the day was grey and the snow falling horizontally. I was not impressed.

As always, Markus was raring to go.

We started up slowly, me bringing up the rear. Within moments the wet snow was accumulating on the bottoms of our skis making for a very heavy load. I have to admit that I complained most of the way up. In my defense, I rarely complain and usually am keen for most of Markus' adventures. Truthfully, in these conditions I would have rather been curled up on the sofa with a blanket, hot tea and a good book! You would be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn't feel the same.

We trudged and with every stop to catch our breath Markus negotiated my continuing on another little bit. And I continued. Before I knew it, were were as far as we could get. I guess the top was closer than it seemed with all my objections to reach it. Getting there so quickly made me feel better about the day and about being outside. The snow was scant and the boulders abundant. We surveyed our route down and removed our ski skins.

The descent was actually fantastic, much to my surprise and pleasure! Yes, I was smiling and once again grateful for the crazy man who always pushes me to my limits. The one who can find the joy in every type of weather and condition, as long as he is outside! It was a good last ski after all, and our hot tea at home tasted soooo good.


Circus comes to town!

What a great show! Artcirque, a small troupe from Igloolik, were brought into Pangnirtung last week through the GN office of Economic Development and the Youth Council. They did workshops in the community with youth of all ages and then put on an hour-long performance for all to see. Live music and song, gymnastics, juggling, traditional Inuit games, and humorous skits, it was lots of fun.

Artcirque gymnasticsArtcirque gymnastics

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