Skiing Skiing Skiing

One thing we've done a lot of this year - skiing! The snow overall has been *phenomenal*; for Baffin Island, that is... Markus and I have also spent time this year doing laps with the snowmachine, to perfect our downhill skills. Here we are with Kendra and Devin in January for a day trip. The weather was amazing, and it's always fun to have the dogs with us. See the image with the snowmachine - whenever we head out of town for skiing, this is how we travel.


I love skijoring

If you like to ski and you have a dog, I strongly recommend you give this sport a try. So simple to get started, and lots of fun! Kendra and I have been going out together every week. Her little dog, Takuliq, is quite the racehorse!


January ski trip on Naujaat

Today we went for a ski trip with friends Kendra and Devin to the Pang all-time classic, Naujaat (mountain). Snow was fluffy. Temperature hovered around -25 C but we were hot. The bottom part had spectacular snow and we felt like we could actually ski. Good times.

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