This ski season is the best ever

First sunday in May, Lee, Jerr and I checked out a completely new slop up Angiuqqaaq. Snow: was insanely good.


Yet another ski related posting

Last Saturday activities at local ski resort:


Icing Bowl

Last Sunday we loaded the qamotiq with our dog Sola and headed 15 km out towards Angiuqqaaq, Boss Mountain. There's a great "ski bowl" area we found a few weeks ago that retains good conditions and offers tons of great skiing (in Baffin terms). Also, there are few rocks (yay). We were accompanied by other ski nuts from town: Kendra, Devin, Jerr and Lee. And a few more dogs. This was the largest gathering of skiers and ski dogs we've had in a while. Conditions were beautiful despite weeks of very dry conditions. Everywhere else the snow has turned hard - but not in this area. We called it Icing Bowl because it's sugar sweet.

Everybody had a blast and the dogs were completely exhausted - at least our dog was - after doing laps on the hill. Personal highlight: dropping off a few cornices with Devin, nothing like in ski movies but exciting nevertheless. More of that to come, hopefully.

I experienced a slight epiphany after performing ski maintenance. What a difference! All we did was clean the bases and sharpen the edges. In our world, that's considered "tuning" because we never do anything with our skis except drive them on rocks. I think I'm going to tune a bit more, perhaps even put some wax on.

Sola: pooped after skiing. I had to lift her off the snow to the qamotiq, wouldn't budge.

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