Aurora of April - Thanks to Cat

You're right. It's not April anymore. But I wanted to post these pictures as a tribute to the winter we had. It was cold, beautiful, white and spectacular. Thank you winter.

The coldest days we had were roughly -37 C, which was not bad at all. There were hardly any winds: we only had one or two bigger blows - that's it. Compared to the Western Arctic and the community of Paulatuk, winter in Pangnirtung seems much milder. There's more snow and less ice on the lakes. Although everywhere in the arctic you feel like the environment is constantly trying to kill you, here you get a bit more slack.

I also want to thank our cat for lending a cat sand bag for this particular night shoot. I didn't have a tripod, and the only feasible camera support solution lay next to the kitty-litter box. The sand bag worked great as my camera support on the ice. Thank you cat for this wonderful opportunity.

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