Finally fishing.

The sun is slowly coming back and with it is the opportunity to get out and travel. We are slowly starting to explore the land around us, something we've been aching to do since we moved here in May. A few weeks ago we went fishing with a friend and his grandson to a local lake that is very popular in the springtime. It was refreshing to see something outside of town, the mountains, the creeks and valleys along the way. Nearly two hours saw us safely to Avataktu lake. We rose early in the morning, didn't catch any fish, it was quite cold at -26C but was it ever FUN. We still have much to learn, like where the best place is to make a fishing hole, but slowly we learn more and more. Our friend was more successful with his nets.


Sun's here - what can you do?

Recently, a big yellow ball of light started appearing up in the horizon. First we weren't sure where to run. Then somebody told us: it's just the Sun, or molikka, as we say in Finnish.

We had forgotten about the damn molikka. The only other shiny thing we had seen in the sky for the past couple months in Pangnirtung was the moon, or kuu, as we say in Finnish.

Damn molikka. I didn't miss it. I was pretty happy with the kuu.

However, we went skiing to take a look at it.


Yesterday somebody stole my mountain bike in front of the Northern Store. I cannot believe it, although I can now. It's part my own stupidity, part a community problem. The lesson: never leave your bike unlocked in Pangnirtung. It's sad. Probably some day I will find my bike frame ditched, with all the parts taken off.

The main event today was witnessing Mike go through the ice on Duval Creek. His leg got a little wet, nothing serious. However, in -26 C, it was bad enough, so we sprinted home. Just before that, my borrowed tripod spat out a couple parts on the snow.

Shitty luck. Oh well.

EDIT: got my bike back! A friend found it lying around in town.

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