Boyz n the hood

I was heading to the dump when they approached me on the street: the little dudes on their rides.

They looked menacing but the candy bars gave them away. They wanted my name. I gave it to them. The leader in the red touque still looked unsatisfied. I complimented him on his bike, which turned out to be the right move: I was saved from their treatment, whatever it was (probably they would have made me taste their candy).

Three views to Pangnirtung Fiord

Some say Pang is a natural gem, but one does not need to be a tree-hugging hippie to realize that the dump in Pang is not very green. There is no recycling and everything that ends up at the dump is burned at a regular interval. It's the only way to keep the dump from overflowing and prevent garbage from blowing all around the tundra.

Recycling is currently infeasible and incinerators too expensive.

Sometimes the wind turns when the fire is raging and the smoke is blown into town. And it does not smell romantic like a campfire on a sunset.

Sunday Drive

One of our last snowmobile trips of the season, Markus and I headed out together with friends John and Mike to check out a new trail up the Kulik river that we hadn't before explored. It was fun to break our own trail and route find in the deep snow up to a large, long lake we could see on our map. When we felt we'd gone far enough, about 35km from home, we pulled out some guns and fired a few to check them out. My, how things have changed. ;-)

I also made a parka (winter coat) for Markus! It took me months, but I finally finished it. I had a lot of help from two fairies but did most of it on my own - not so bad, eh?

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