A walk in the woods.

Exploring nearby Frog Falls and Wap Lake last June. Man and his dog walking in the woods.


Fishless in Revelstoke

This summer we were determined to learn fishing in Revelstoke. Numerous times we drove down to the river or one of the several lakes to try and catch some trouts or dollies (dolly varden; salvelinus malma, a relative of the arctic char which is salvelinus alpinus). The results were weak: one bite and one small bull trout. We tried a lot of tricks but I guess our arctic tricks that worked for salvelinus alpinus just do not work over here. Back in the north we would have filled our freezer with this amount of fishing, or attempted fishing.

In August we received a visit from a dear old friend from the north, Bill. We used to fish a lot in the north and quite successfully sometimes. As a team of three, we tackled the waters with even more conviction. But the small-brained aquatic animal remained elusive.

We did have some absolutely beautiful nights out, though.

Also featured here is some doggie business.


Take Your Wife To Work Day.

I took a day off last June to accompany Markus on a work trip to collect data for a project he's delivering. So blessed are we - what a day to be out!

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