The drones - they cometh

Quadcopter Indoor Flying from MASI on Vimeo.

Indoor flying fun with a DIY 450-size quadcopter, a cheap two-axis gimbal and GoPro 3. This was my first test of the gimbal and GoPro combination. Pretty happy with it. Music: Bonobo / Gypsy


Weekend fun? Skijoring!

Weekend fun on out on the fjord. No experience necessary.

Sola and the boys, Gibson and Gobi. It's fun to ski with two at once!

Break time with our whole gang.


Meet the Team

Meet my furry fjord friends. I thought people may appreciating seeing their faces, since most pics are bums by nature of the activity. All are retired from teams in Iqaluit.

Gobi, 5 yrs old male. I was told he was named after the Gobi Desert in China. Timid at first, he's friendly and happy-go-lucky once he's met you. Gibson's brother.

Gibson, 5 yrs old male. I was told he was named after the Gibson Desert in Australia. Sometimes I've seen his name spelled as Gypson and Gipson, but I'm sticking with the spelling for the desert since that's where it came from. Curious and quick to grab loose mittens, he's a real ham and enjoys good rubs. Gobi's brother.

Nuvuja, 7 yrs old female. Her Inuktitut name indicates clouds, probably in reference to her cloudy colors and general fluff. Cuddly and calm, she's a little powerhouse and the motivating force of the team.

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