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Unexpected trip to Retarded Lake

An unexpected journey in late December. Unexpected because it's the darkest time of year, and yet we still did a fair trip, journey largely unplanned and explored some new spots.

Examining what appeared to be an old place for something. Not sure what the stones may have been used for, but they were certainly placed by people.

My two partners in travel. xo

Along Taserijuq.

On the lake a moment then heading back home before it's pitch black. This was about as much light as we had for the day, the darkest time of year.

Strike a pose.


Christmas Park Patrol

This is a trip from December 23. I try to get into the park every so often, to keep in touch with the place of focus for our work. The guys were gracious hosts as I tagged along with them for their trip between Christmas and New Years, placing and adjusting snow fencing to improve the snowmachine trail.

View south from the Weasel River at the base of Crater Lake.

Checking snow fencing placed on the previous trip. Ingenious developers, the guys came up with the idea of building snow fencing from plywood on frames with holes drilled in. Wire fencing is too thin and standard plastic fencing shreds with the cold and high winds. Background left is Mount Odin in the sun, the highest peak on Baffin Island. Precious to see light at this, the darkest time of year.

Brief break en-route.

We installed these two fences below Windy Lake. The guys additionally tuq-ed (chiselled) ice to reduce the steepness to provide a possible alternate route for snowmachines if the fence further left doesn't collect enough snow. That's iconic Thor Peak in the back, center.

The guys.

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