Welcome the Sun

On a weekend sometime the second week of February, the community members of Pangnirtung collected together at the mouth of the Kuliq river across the fjord to celebrate the return of the sun. Long awaited, in the brief few hours of sunlight - light not yet reaching our village on the other side - we enjoyed the company of our fellow northerners, shared food, tea and bannock. Markus and I skied across the fjord to join in the festivities.

Finally fishing.

The sun is slowly coming back and with it is the opportunity to get out and travel. We are slowly starting to explore the land around us, something we've been aching to do since we moved here in May. A few weeks ago we went fishing with a friend and his grandson to a local lake that is very popular in the springtime. It was refreshing to see something outside of town, the mountains, the creeks and valleys along the way. Nearly two hours saw us safely to Avataktu lake. We rose early in the morning, didn't catch any fish, it was quite cold at -26C but was it ever FUN. We still have much to learn, like where the best place is to make a fishing hole, but slowly we learn more and more. Our friend was more successful with his nets.


Dark Days of Contrast

Now is the dark time. The time of ice and snow and aurora borealis. So different from the light and life of the short summer months. This is the time we spend among friends and also at home preparing for the return of the sun. I wanted to put up some contrasting images of the place we call home. I came across the summer photo and it seems so distant now. It's difficult to take a picture of black night, which is mostly what we have these days. They are peaceful.

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