Checking out the ancients

Second to last boating trip of the season took us to an old campsite at the head of Kingnait Fiord. Devin had spotted it earlier and we joined him to have a closer look. The site was very interesting, very clean. It had not been used for a long time, perhaps not in five decades. There were a lot of bone artifacts and the site was perfect for qammaqs. Somebody said the site is called "Qammaquluit" but it also has another name which I can't remember. The weather was good, waters calm. After checking the site, we did touring in Kingnait Fiord and ran into about thousand ducks.


Bouldering video: Eesti Aerobic

A little over a week ago I shot and edited this climbing video of my recently finished climbing project on a rock in Pangnirtung. It's the hardest boulder climb I have ever climbed, around 7a+ on the Fontainebleau scale. The grade, of course, is just a guess but it can't be much harder than that. On the other hand, the amount of work I put in it makes me believe it may not be possible for it to be below 7. When I was bouldering at 6a level, I could barely do two moves on this climb.

Whatever the grade is, it has been great to be working on a climbing project that is personally at the limit. It has taught me so much. Enjoy!


October lights

A few days ago, shooting with Mike and a new teacher in town, Sam. Lights were quite spectacular, although the night before they were much stronger but I was too late to get them recorded on my camera.

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