The dog team

For this winter, Delia acquired a sled dog team of three dogs. These are all retired dogs from Iqaluit dog teams. Nuvuja is a female and will be the lead dog, the two others, Gobi and Gibson are brothers. The dogs arrived trained and socialized, a perfect way to start dog teaming.

Today Delia took them out for her first run of the winter, and the first one of her life. It went as expected: there were some hiccups but otherwise things went ok. No runaway dogs, no concussed drivers. An exhilarating experience.

I was watching them go, go and go. And go. Eventually I caught up with them by snowmachine to suggest they turn around before the dogs get too tired, being a bit fat and out of shape after the summer. At this point Delia tells me that the lead dog does not seem to know how to turn around.

This is a dream come true for Delia and something she has been talking about for years. It's going to make for some fantastic trips, good laughs and excellent photo opportunities.


November 1st

The winter is here in Pangnirtung. These photos are from today, November 1st. I came back from a visit to the local "Canadian Tire", or more familiarly know as the municipal dump, looking for 2x4s for a shed project when I saw this. I made a mad dash to get home, picked up my camera and raced back up the hill with a bunch of lumber loosely strapped to my ATV, whipping the machine to halt at Mould Home. Mould Home is where we used to live. It had mould.


Winter in Revelstoke

The winter has ended in Revelstoke. Fantastic memories!

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