Photo walk

Last Saturday Claus, Mike and I headed out for a walk up the Duval Creek for a little photo shoot. And I usually tow Delia around as a mobile foreground object for my wide-angle lens. It's really handy. You wouldn't be able to tell a tree to move a little bit to the left, at least without root damage. Remember, we don't have any trees here.

It was a nice walk, but the cold forced us back after about an hour for a cup of hot tea. Here are some samples from the trip:

The pole

This is to prove that I have visited the place that the word spins around. Unfortunately I cannot disclose the location because it might cause serious envy. All I can say is... behind a garage.

Some technical facts: I stuck the camera on a tripod in bulb mode. Then I let the world spin around it for an hour while I was in the garage fixing the skidoo. I installed new wearbars and a H4 bulb using a wrench and an occasional hammer.

Baffin boulders

The opportunities for bouldering around Pangnirtung are boundless. There are large rocks to climb practically in every direction. For the first time in many years, we've been able to practice the dearly missed sport. I've already worn out my shoes.

We named one of the first routes "JP's wedding", a route that we climbed on our friend's wedding day. Congrats again, JP and Caroline!

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